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When the baby comes in the world, parents, joy knows no bound but for some time. Because the real challenge begins after that. The first question arises in mind, is the baby healthy newborn baby? How to know that? For every parent, it is quite a challenge to make sure the baby is growing healthy and happy after the birth. This guide is all about how you will help your newborn to stay and grow healthy. I hope it will help the parents and the baby.

The healthy baby signs

A newborn baby needs a lot of care, and parents are ready to ensure that. As babies can’t express their situation, so parents get confusion in a different situation. There are some signs that makes parents understand that your baby is healthy. If you see the below signs in your baby, then don’t get worried about your baby.

Your baby will look at you and smile. When your little one is one month, he will be able to make eye contact. When he is two months, he will smile, and by the five months, the baby will smile back to you and will make different giggling sounds. These small activities will ensure that your baby is growing up healthy.

Babies love to suck because they are born with an inborn sucking reaction. If your baby requires frequent breastfeed, then the baby’s digestive system is good, and he has an appetite. If he makes the gulping sound while swallowing the milk, then you will understand that he is having enough milk.

The baby’s health condition also depends on the amount of poop and pee. Baby should wet 4-6 diapers in a day, and it is normal. This proves that he is properly hydrated and feeding well.

Newborn baby weight is an important sign of baby health. In every visit to the doctor, your baby’s weight and height are measured. In the first six months, your baby will grow fast. Healthy newborn baby weight is around 3.5 kg or 7.5 lb. Your baby will gain twice as this weight by five months, which means your baby will gain 5 to 7 kg. If your baby is growing by a newborn weight gain chart, then your baby is growing healthy.

As the baby was in your womb for nine months, then the baby knows your voice very well. After birth, the baby will respond to your voice than others. So when the baby is crying, try to calm him down by talking to him. If the baby calms down by responding to your voice, then the baby has developed emotionally. This is proof that the baby is healthy.

A newborn’s vision is still developing. He can see things in 8 to 12 inches distance. The vision increases gradually, and the baby starts to observe the things happening around him. This observation power is the sign that your baby is hale and happy.

Day by day, baby will start to respond to different sounds around him. At the first baby will respond to your voice only, later he will start to react to the sound of music, TV, and others’ voices. This response is the sigh of good development.

Sleeping helps to boost growth development. If baby sleeps well, his other body development will grow well and healthy.

By the one month, the baby will lift his head for little time, and a three-month-old will lift up the head longer by lying on tummy. This is the sign of baby having a healthy muscle and good development.



Newborn baby parenting tips

Taking care of the little one is a challenging task for new parents. You will feel overwhelmed with the baby in your home, and you will feel insecure and less confident that your care is not enough for the little one.  But it is not true, you are doing your best, and you have to know it. Here are some tips for newborn baby care after birth.

Make sure you are breastfeeding the baby properly. Babies eat, and you have to stay prepared whenever the little one wants milk to suck. Take proper food to produce sufficient milk for the baby.

Try the baby talking; it helps the baby get confident and happy. Because the tiny one knows your tone, this talking also will make you happy and relieved. So talk anything with the infant.

If your baby sleeps a lot, then let him sleep, and you also take a nap as long as he sleeps. If you don’t do this, you will always stay tired.

If the baby disturbs lot in the night, share shifting duty with father. This shifting will keep you both fresh and energetic.

Calm the fussy baby with singing, swaddling, and shushing.


How to keep the newborn healthy

A healthy baby means a chubby baby that we all know. But it is not true. Baby fat is not a healthy fat, and parents should know about it. Then how to maintain a normal newborn weight? Here are the things you have to follow:

Breastfeeding is the first and last thing to keep your baby healthy and happy. Some mothers can’t do breastfeeding for many situations, and they go for different baby formulas. These formula makes the baby fat but not healthy. There is no comparison in the breast milk. Try to breastfeed your baby as long as you can.

Babies cry a lot but always not for the food. Don’t try to give him food every time he cries. Talk with him, change the diaper, and play with him when he cries. If these don’t work, then feed him.

Don’t overfeed the baby. If he refuses to eat, then don’t force him. He will take food when he wants.

When a baby is ready to take solid food, try with fish, lean meats, vegetables, and fruits.

As the baby is growing and know how to sit on a chair, then let him sit in the dining table chair in family mealtime. Baby will learn to eat food by seeing everyone eating.


Frequently asked question


What is a good weight for a newborn?

Ans: Different baby comes with different health sizes. Maximum babies who born in 37 to 40 weeks weigh between 5 pounds to 8 pounds. If your newborn has this weight, then your baby is healthy.

Do Breastfed babies gain weight slower?

Ans: the breastfeed babies grow weight after three to four months, and this growth normal.

How can I increase my baby’s weight?

Ans: baby gains triple of his birth weight by the age of 1. At this time, you have to keep milk, eggs, meatballs, cheese, vegetables, and fruits.

Which food is good for baby weight gain?

Ans:  the foods that will make your baby healthy are – fried eggs, milk, fruits, cheese.

Final remarks

A healthy newborn baby is like a blessing to all parents. Because an underweight baby needs special care all the time. Try to maintain a healthy food chart after getting pregnant and for the baby. If you can maintain this when the baby is little, he will stay healthy when he grows up.

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