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We don’t care about mental health so much. All we care about is to keep our body healthy and fit, but if our mental health is not good, then this strong body will not help you to lead a healthy life. Mental health encourages your thinking, feeling, and behavior in daily life. Good mental health helps to survive with stress, build relationships, face challenges, and recover from life’s hardships. So you need to take care of your mental health besides your physical health also. A good and positive mental health helps us to reduce all the risks of health problems. So how to be mentally healthy and happy? In this article, you will get some good mental health tips regarding this issue. So keep reading.

Mental health

What is mental health and how important is this

Mental health means how the brain and mind lead you to act or behave in a definite way. These may consider suitable or not for your atmosphere. Actually, the term mental health is impartial, and anyone can have either bad or good status.

Mentally healthy people stay free from depression and anxiety. They enjoy life with fun and deals with stress with a laugh.  They maintain a relationship with flexibility.

Bad mental health causes chronic stress with harmful consequences like- having problems in breathing, blood pressure, digestive system, back pain, etc. You will not be able to control your behavior and weakens your nervous system. So you can say, having good mental health is very important.

mental health problems

Types of mental health problems

How will you know that you are having mental health problems? Look at the list below; if you are facing them frequently, then you need help:

  • Anger

  • Panic attacks and anxiety

  • Bipolar syndrome

  • Depression

  • Eating problems

  • Phobias

  • Schizophrenia

  • Sleep problems

  • Trauma

Best tips for mental health

To develop good mental health, you will not have to do any hard work or spend money. Just try to give some time to yourself to develop and follow the good mental health tips given below. Remember, these are self-care tips for mental health; no one will do it for you.

Love yourself, and it is very important. You have to treat yourself with respect and kindness. Give yourself time and spend time with your hobbies.

To develop your mental health, you have to keep your body fit and healthy. You have to eat nutritious food, avoid alcohol, exercise, and take plenty of water.

Stay with good and positive people. People with strong social connections spread positivity in their surroundings. Try to spend most of the time with them; it helps.

Admit that stress is part of your life. Take it normally, learn to deal with it, or else it will take you over.

Build your relationship stronger with family and friends. Invest your energy and time in the relation. Stay in touch with them by calling or chatting or in any way you can. Don’t be alone.

Get help when you need one. Don’t struggle alone or avoid what you are feeling. If possible, take a session with your psychiatrists to help yourself.

Try to balance with your work and life. Don’t overwork or take the load. Take a break when you need one. After the break, you can start with full energy than before.

Sleep well. If you don’t sleep properly, your body will stop working, and you will get anxiety soon.

mental health for college

Mental health tips for college students

I don’t why, but these young college students suffer from mental health more than the adult ones. Study pressure, relationship, food habit are the main things that trigger bad mental health. Here I have shared some tips for them to deal with the situations:

Students, you need a good sleep. I mean “good” sleep. Maximum young people spend their sleeping time on the gadgets that take away their nap. It is advised that keep the devices away and have a good night’s sleep. Without proper sleep, your body will stop producing dopamine, serotonin that prevents anxiety and stress.

Fortunately, all the colleges now have counseling sessions. These sessions help to manage stress with techniques. You can share your problems and your plan with them as they are good to keep secrets.

Try to build a supportive relationship with friends, teachers, and family to help you with your problems because it is common to have problems during college times.

Stay active by doing exercise regularly. This exercise helps to release serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins to boost mood and overpower pain.

Do not think that college life is party life. Maximum students tend to take alcohol and drugs. Try to avoid them as they are very harmful to physical and mental health.

Eating healthy is a topmost priority to keep your mental health fit. You will feel energetic and happy if you eat healthily. The next section is about foods for depression. It will help you to know about the foods to improve mental health.

depression and anxiety

Diet for depression and anxiety

The fact is, there is no specific food for mental health wellness, but certain foods help to improve your mood instantly. Let’s know about the foods:

Try to take food that comes with antioxidants. This antioxidant helps to prevent cell damages. You will find it in the foods like

Vitamin E: wheat germ, nuts and seeds, and vegetable oils.

Beta- carotene: pumpkins, carrots, peaches, broccoli, etc.

Vitamin- C: oranges, peppers, blueberries, tomato, etc.

Carbs come with brain chemical that boosts mental health. So take carb wisely, you can take vegetables, fruits as healthy fiber and carb.

Chicken, tuna comes with an amino acid named tryptophan that helps to produce serotonin. This chemical helps to boost your energy. The food that ensures healthy proteins are lean beef, beans, and peas, poultry, and yogurt.

Research says that people with depression comes with less vitamin D. Try to get enough vitamin D.

Include Omega -3 in your diet as it is good for your heart and covers up the need for fatty acid for those who don’t like fish.

People with obese are the one who suffers from depression. This is because of the change in hormone and immune systems. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by taking nutritious food and proper exercise. You have to understand that there is a link between diet and mental health. So eat healthily and stay healthy, mentally, and physically.

 Supporting mental health at work

All of our work and it is the place where we spend almost all the time in our life. Sometimes we have to face challenges in the workplace, and we have to deal with mentally and physically. So you have to know how to manage mental health at work.

Share your feelings with your colleagues. Remembering talking is not pointing out your weakness; it is to stay connected with your colleagues.

Stay active all the time. It will help to boost your confidence and let you have a good sleep.

Eat healthy to stay well mentally and physically both. Eating regular foods and plenty of water in the workplace is required to stay fit.

When you are struggling, take a break and ask for help if it is an emergency.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is poor mental health?

Ans:  A poor mental health means you are facing difficulties in thinking, feeling and managing daily stress.

  1. How can mental health affect someone?

Ans:  a mental illness hampers in feeling and thinking. Some may face depression and get suicidal.

Final thoughts

The human body is a system that has a strong connection between physical and mental fitness. Mental fitness means having a healthy and fit mental health. We have to focus on keeping our minds healthy by maintaining a balanced life. If you fail to do it, you will get down by stress and anxiety. So, keep nourishing your mind with positivity and change your life with happiness.

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