Newborn baby diseases

Newborn baby diseases

A newborn baby is the vulnerable but bundle of joy for every family. When you take the baby in your hand, you are just ready to give up anything in this world. But the little one tends to get infected with any disease easily. Some will face baby issues at birth, and some may come with serious baby illnesses. If you are a new parent, then follow this guide where I have to enlighten the newborn baby problems and solutions. If you have some knowledge about these problems, it will be easy for you to tackle the situation with courage and a strong mind.

Newborn baby diseases

Common diseases in newborns

When the little one is out in this world, they stay exposed to different environmental pollution, bacteria, and germs. When the baby tries to cope up with the new world, the body organs work with it. When the baby does not feel well, it will communicate with parents by crying. That is when you can understand that something is wrong. The common problems of a newborn are:


Newborn baby diseases


This problem is one of the most common problems among babies, but it is hard to handle. When your baby cries nonstop without any reason, then your baby is a colic baby. There is no reason and treatment of this problem.  Some say gas problems, hormonal issues, pain in the stomach, etc. but it is not sure. The baby will start crying from the age of two weeks and stop in the three months.




This disease is also common in babies. The excess quantity of bilirubin in the baby’s blood causes yellow skin-color in the baby’s skin. The main cause of it is the liver is still immature to remove the bilirubin in the blood. It gets well after the proper treatment in 2 to 3 weeks.

Abdominal tightness_

Abdominal tightness:

When the baby start feeding, the body tries to adjust to the food. While adjusting, baby swallows excess air. This causes swollen and hard belly. Sometimes constipation or gas also causes the belly tightness.

Blue skin disease

Blue skin

If your baby’s skin, especially the feet and hands, get blue, then you have to understand that baby’s lung and heart are not working well. If the blue color fades away after the blood circulation then it is ok or else you have to take advice from the doctor.



Vomiting is common problem in the babies. After feeding the baby spits the milk, to stop this mother’s try to burp the baby. If the vomiting continues and the amount gets a lot, then your baby may have a digestive problem.



When bay catches a cold, or the milk flow is fast, then the baby will cough. If the cough gets worse, then the baby will need treatment.



When the baby gets a fever, then you have to understand that the baby is fighting infection. A high fever will lead to brain damage and seizers. Take advice from the doctor and give proper medicine to your baby.



This condition is common in infants as it is the reaction to infections and antibiotics. When your baby has diarrhea, then keeping him dehydrated is the main treatment. You have to give the baby water and oral solution.

Serious baby illness:

Some symptoms may lead to the serious illness of your baby. If you suspect that, then find medical care as fast as you can. Here are some serious problems that your baby may face:



This infection comes in the membrane near the spinal cord and the brain. It is life-threatening, and it may lead to death. Your baby will face a sore neck and headache; sometimes, a rash may appear.



This causes newborn baby problems breathing. The infection of the lungs comes from the virus or bacteria. The baby will have a fever, breathing problem, vomiting, and pain in the chest. Quick medical attention is required when your baby will have this problem.


Frequently asked questions


Can newborn babies get sick?

Ans: Yes, the baby gets sick because they came to this world with immature immune systems.

How long should newborn stay home after the birth?

Ans: healthy babies can go home from the hospital in 24 to 48 hours. Premature babies are advised to go home after 48 hours.

When should I worry about my newborn?

Ans: a runny nose and congestion may be uncomfortable for the little one, but when the baby is facing a problem in feeding, sleeping, and breathing, then you have to call the doctor.

Is my newborn lethargic?

Ans: A lethargic baby means the baby has no energy. They sleep longer, drowsy. Low sugar causes lethargy in the baby.

Final thoughts

When you have a newborn in the family, be ready to get challenged with different situations. One of the challenges is dealing with newborn baby diseases. There are some common diseases and some serious issues. Whatever the condition is, you have to stay healthy to handle the situation and tell your baby that you are always there for him/her. So keep some basic knowledge of the infant diseases to stay alert and strong in serious conditions.

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