Newborn blood tests

Newborn blood tests

To be parents for first time is an amazing and thrilling experience. Your whole life just revolves around your baby. Your daily lifestyle and schedule gets a radical change when you have a baby in your life. This little bundle of joy just keeps you happy and your life is just complete. But before going home with your newborn, it is better to do some newborn tests after birth. Why this tests?  Well, this test confirms that your baby has no serious illnesses what may develop during birth. If the tests confirm that baby is affected, then doctors can take preventive measures and cure your baby. You need to be calm while the procedures. You can start the procedure by just doing newborn blood tests.

Normally the tests on newborn are known as newborn screening. This don’t take time, after birth you have to stay for some time in the hospital, during the stay take few drops of bloods from the baby and let the test done. See, it is simple. But this simple task helps your kid to stay safe from any harmful and non-curable disease.


What to do before the test?

The test is free of cost. But before doing any test, parents have to agree to let your baby to have the test. The agreement is required.  A leaflet with all information’s about newborn screening, discussion about the process and agreement of the testing and collection. All of this are for those parents who don’t want to take the test. But for baby’s health, we parents need to go for this test. I am not saying that every baby has problem, but it is better to not to take risk.

How is the screening test done?

When the parents give their permission to make test, then a nurse or midwife will come and prick your baby’s heel. After pricking, she will take few drop of blood with a filter paper which is specially made for taking blood. The filter paper needs to be dry before testing.

Don’t get panic if your baby cries because the piercing will hurt a little bit. But it will not last long.  When the pricking done, immediately comfort your baby and feed him/her.

What are the reasons of newborn screening?

Most of the parents have less knowledge about newborn screening and for what serious conditions lets you to do this test.  Your baby may get affected helps to identify babies thought to be affected by one of the following conditions:


This disease is known as (PKU).  It is a rare inherited condition and you will find one baby suffering among 10,000 babies.  This disease blocks the production of protein named phenylalanine. For this the blood gets clotted and results a severe brain damage. Your baby’s growth will be slow and will learn things very slowly. If this disease is diagnosed at an early age, the treatment will heal the disease. A special diet is the treatment of this disease.

In short this disease is known as (CHT).  You will find this disease in one baby among 3500 babies. This disease stops the development of the thyroid gland.  The early diagnosis helps to give treatment with giving daily thyroid hormone. By this the development of mental and physical gets normal.

Cystic fibrosis

  • Cystic fibrosis :

You will find this disease in one baby among 2500 baby.  The intestine and the lung produce mucus and make the wall thick if the body has the disease. For this the ling gets infection and food gets hard to digest for the affected intestine. You have to test a 6 week old baby and for the test you will need body sweat. With the newborn screening 95% baby will be detected with the disease if it exists in the body and also those baby will also be detected who are healthy but carrier of this disease. The carriers don’t gets affected and they lead healthy life.

  • Galactosaemia :

This disease is really a rare one. Among 40,000 babies, you will get one baby who has this disease.  This rare disease develops galactose that is a sugar in the milk in the blood. The treatment of this disease is to feed galactose-free milk or else the baby will die.

Metabolism disorder

With the blood test that is done by heel prick can detect many rare metabolism disorder like fatty acid oxidation, organic acid and amino acid defects. These defects are very rare and you will find in one baby among 4,000 babies.  The treatment of these diseases is special diet and care.

So you can see a simple blood test helps to detect life taking diseases. All the diseases just need a prompt diagnosis and treatment to get eliminated and your baby leads a healthy life.

The results of the blood test:

Don’t get panic after reading about the diseases. The good thing is these diseases are very rare and maximum baby’s blood test comes normal.

But if there is any concern, parents are notified immediately so that an early treatment can save their baby. To make sure about the findings, a second blood test may need to take. Sometimes the first test doesn’t give a clear indication. If this incident occurs, you have to do some blood tests to be confirmed and if it requires you may need to consult a doctor.

In some hospital, the blood sample keeps stored until the baby is 18 years old. It is required for the safety of the child for the future. If any parents want, they can destroy the sample.

I think you have now clear information about the importance of newborn screening.  You have to do is simple newborn blood test and save your baby from any unwanted rare disorder. Babies are blessing from god, so keep the blessing safe as much as you can. Your baby may seem healthy but he may have this disease inside. So don’t take it light and get your infant newborn tests after birth.

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