How to take care of a newborn

How to take care of a newborn

Having a newborn in the home gives a mixed feeling for the parents, especially the new parents. Handling the little one is quite a challenge for every parent. Yes, you will get numerous advice from the surroundings, but the maximum is contradicting and makes you confused about which one to follow. Taking care of the little one is an exhausting but pleasant experience that you can ask for in your life. In this article, you will get a full guide on how to take care of a newborn that will help you to turn this challenge into a wonderful experience for a lifetime. So stick with me till the end of this article.


New born care

Newborn care basics

After getting the little one in your home, you have to follow a routine to take care of the baby and yourself, because the little one is entirely dependent on you in every case. So don’t take extra stress, just follow the necessary strategies and make the newborn baby care after birth properly. These baby care tips for new moms will work for sure.

At first, you have to ensure plenty of rest of the newborn cause it helps the baby to grow strong and healthy. Some baby sleeps for 16 hours and some 14 hours. When the baby gets three months old, the napping time gets into 6-8 hours. But some baby sleeps for only 2-3 hours if she doesn’t feed for four hours. So feed the baby at the right time and make a napping schedule for the little one. At first, it will take time, but gradually the baby will get used to the schedule.

The best thing you have to do for the newborn is breastfeeding. Consider only breastfeed as long as you can. When you are in the hospital, take training from the nurse about nursing the baby. How will you know that baby is getting proper milk?

Baby will wet diaper for 6-8 times with regular bowel movements and gains weight progressively.  In 24 hours, you have to nurse your baby 8-12 times per the baby’s need. If you want to give the baby formula, then consult with a baby doctor. Once the baby is finished sucking milk, burp him. Because while feeding, the baby swallows air and that air causes gas in the tummies. To get the air out, burp the baby by holding him near to you and pat the back gently. Do it after every feed.

Use a baby diaper or cloth to keep the baby clean and dry. Use the best one for the little one because getting a diaper rash is very common.

Before the umbilical cord falls, you have to give the baby a sponge bath. When the cord falls, you can give the baby a regular bath. At first, you will need support; then, you will get an expert in giving the baby a proper bath. Use the best newborn baby care products while bathing because the skin is very sensitive.

While handling the baby, you have to be careful because the little one is very fragile. When you take the baby in your lap, you have to give proper support to your baby’s head and neck. Don’t ever shake the baby as it is harmful. The best way to provide the baby with full comfort is to swaddle. Your baby will feel secure and warm in this position.

Talk and play with your baby whenever possible. This makes the bond stronger, and mental development gets a boost. Let him play with toys, socialize with other babies and adults, read books to the little one. These activities will help the baby grow up physically and mentally sound.

The worst situation the parents have to deal with is when the baby gets sick. As the baby can’t express the feeling, the parents tend to freak out. Keep general knowledge of the common sickness of a newborn and deal with them calmly. If the baby’s condition gets worse. Talk with an expert physician and follow the treatment properly.

Take your baby outside for some time. This will help the baby to adjust to the outside world gradually. Use a stroller or carrying wrap for the little one while getting out. Avoid crowded places with a newborn.


dad with new born

Newborn baby tips for dads

For dads, becoming a dad is a new experience, and there is no match with this feeling. The baby and the wife needs the full support of a daddy while growing up. Here are some tips for the new dads.

Try to get involved in every activity with the mother from the beginning. Start with nappy changing, dressing, playing with the baby. This will help to create a great bond with the little one and trust me; it will stay for a lifetime.

Learn the baby’s body language to understand the needs of the baby.

Talk with the baby often and stay connected. The baby will feel safe and secure for this connection.

Take care of your wife more because she needs it most this time. Give her space and let her enjoy some time of her own.


Frequently asked questions


How long should newborn stay home after the birth?

Ans: a healthy newborn gets home from the hospital in 24-48 hours of birth. The preemie baby will go home after 48 hours.

How often do you bathe a newborn?

Ans: Bath your newborn 2-3 times in a week.

Should you wake newborns to feed?

Ans: newborns wake up every hour to eat. It needs to be feed in 2-3 hours. If the baby sleeps for a long time, wake him up in 3-4 hours to feed.

How long is the newborn stage?

Ans: the newborn stage is from birth to 2 months age.

How long should a newborn sleep without feeding?

Ans: The baby will need to feed for five to six hours by six months.

Do newborns know their mother?

Ans:  the newborn recognizes the mother from the voice, smell, and face from the very beginning.

What age do newborns get easier?

Ans: to handle the newborn gets easier from 3 weeks to 6 months.


Final thoughts

Handling the newborn is a new experience, and the parents ride an emotional roller coaster until the baby grows. So to deal with the little bundle of joy, every parent needs to know how to take care of a newborn. This knowledge helps a lot while taking care of the newborn. Enjoy every moment with the newborn because you will miss this time later.

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